About the Whiskey Society

The Maumee Valley Whiskey Society was founded in 2021 by Joe and Jessica Carter, who were passionate about whiskey and wanted to find a local community to share their interest with. When they discovered that there wasn’t a local whiskey society in their area, they decided to start their own. In its first year, the society has grown quickly and established itself as a non-profit organization.

Since 2021

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Foster Community

The specific purposes of the Maumee Valley Whiskey Society are to foster a community of people celebrating camaraderie of Bourbon, our Native Spirit and educating on the heritage of American and International Whiskey while focused on the philanthropic abilities of Whiskey. In doing so, we have the ability to share with others the production process, legal parameters and broad palate of Whiskey – in a manner that benefits charitable organizations locally, regionally, and nationally.



The society’s mission is to educate and build camaraderie around the spirit of whiskey. The society organizes tastings, events, and other activities to help people learn more about whiskey while also giving back to the local community. The society plans on organizing tastings, charity events, and other activities that raise funds and awareness for local charities.

Our Officers

Joe Carter

Joe Carter


Joe’s role as President includes being responsible for managing the organization and its finances, developing and implementing the nonprofit’s strategic plan, and working with the board of directors to ensure that the organization achieves its goals.

Chris Webb

Chris Webb


Chris’s role as Treasurer includes financial management and/or oversight. As treasurer he will manage or oversee the management of the financial affairs of the organization, reconciling bank statements, managing cash flow and reporting to the board of directors.

Ashleigh Swinehart

Ashleigh Swinehart


Ashleigh’s role as secretary includes sending the meeting agenda and any necessary documents to be reviewed before the meetings and collecting and consolidating all discussion topics from board meetings.


The founders, Joe and Jessica, have seen their dream of building a whiskey community come to fruition and are excited to continue to grow and educate people on the spirit of whiskey while giving back to the community.