Tasting Kit Day 0 – Welcome

The 25 Days of Whiskey

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Welcome to the 2023 MVWS 25 Days of Whiskey Advent Tasting Kit!

We’ve had an advantageous year in 2023 and had a lot of firsts.

Right at the end of 2022 we filed to become a 501(c)3 charitable organization. In February we held our first fund raising event to benefit our causes.

We opened the member’s Whiskey Lounge. We did 12 unique barrel picks. We held 12 in person events in addition to 20 Whiskey Wednesdays.

We formalized our partnership with Barr’s Public House, and grew our online community from under 300 members to over 800 members.

Enjoy this year’s tasting calendar. Samples will be revealed each day at 6pm! If you’d like something to record your thoughts, here is a link to the sheet we use on blind flights.

We can’t wait to see what will happen in 2024.



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  1. William

    Even though I know what is in the kit. I’m looking forward to discovering this year’s samples as a single blind tasting!


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